Leslie Mann: Nicki Minaj ‘Never Remembered My Name [On Set]’

Nicki Minaj has a habit of rubbing other celebrities the wrong way. First there was the epic feud between her and Mariah Carey on the set of American Idol. And now it seems, Minaj has extended that lack of manners to the set of The Other Woman, according to co-star Leslie Mann.

According to a report on The Daily Mail, Mann remembers her time on set with Nicki the following way:

“Nicki Minaj never remembered my name. She just referred to me as ‘lady’. She would just say, ‘Come, lady’. And I was like, ‘OK!'”

Mann’s comments came as part of a Yahoo Twitter Takeover where The Other Woman‘s cast including Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, and Leslie Mann answered fan tweets about the upcoming film. During the taping, Upton came to Minaj’s defense somewhat when she said to Mann:

“You know why she probably didn’t remember your name, she was probably just really overwhelmed. Remember I had that really big mark on my back, and you both had your heads up my dress and you were checking me out. She probably thought, ‘is that going to happen to me next?'”

She also shared the chemistry that existed between Leslie and the rest of the cast – and which may have freaked Minaj out a bit:

“I’m surprised you didn’t give [Nicki] a little butt grab, because you [were] grabbing Cameron [Diaz]’s butt the whole time.”

The Other Woman centers around a woman named Carly, played by Cameron Diaz, who discovers that her boyfriend Mark, played by Game of Thrones star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is actually a married man. When Carly confronts Kate the pair team up to discover the identity of a third mistress, Amber, played by Kate Upton. Nicki Minaj, meanwhile, stars as Cameron Diaz’s assistant, Lydia.

Below are some tweets from the @YahooCelebUK Twitter event including the infamous Nicki Minaj cast experience for Mann, the numerous butt grabs on set and how Cameron Diaz got whacked in the face by a less-than-desirable animal body part:

You can watch Leslie Mann discuss Nicki Minaj and The Other Woman with Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz here: