WWE Wrestlemania 30: Who Should End The Undertaker’s Streak?

Wrestlemania 30 (Wrestlemania XXX) is coming up soon! With the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment hours away, WWE is doing all they can to promote their biggest event. One of the matches always hyped is whoever challenges Undertaker’s Streak. Even though it is sports entertainment, anyone going 21-0 is unparalleled. By what Caged Side Seats reports, it is the one Wrestlemania match ranked highest with a bullet.

With Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar imminent, the question on who should end “The Streak” is asked again. To answer this question, we looked back through all of Undertaker’s past 21 Wrestlemania victories, to see which ones benefit WWE, the challenger, and the Undertaker the most. In the end, only two matches fit the what was “best for business”.

The first match was at Wrestlemania XXIV. Undertaker’s opponent: Edge. This match was important because, at the time, Edge was promoted as the only other WWE superstar to have an undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Prior to their match, Undertaker was 15-0 while Edge was 5-0, as in not losing by pinfall or submission. Having the new streak defeat the old streak would have elevated Edge’s career more so than it was back then and Undertaker could retire.

Probably the biggest reason why Edge did not beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania was one little issue with his streak. At Wrestlemania 23, Edge competed in the “Money In The Bank” Ladder Match. Despite not being pinned or tapping out, he did not attain the briefcase. Ergo, this can be considered a loss, though by some technicalities, a loss is official if a wrestler is pinned or taps out. Still, it was a very good match, and is the first time Undertaker won a Wrestlemania match with Hell’s Gate.

For highlights of the “Streak vs. Streak” match at Wrestlemania XXIV, check out the video below.

The above match would have been a good time for Undertaker to lose. However, the best time for anyone to defeat Undertaker’s Streak was at Wrestlemania 21. Undertaker’s opponent: Randy Orton. Back then, Orton was known as a “Legend Killer”. He took out legends – both past and present – which became the “Legend Killer Tour”. Legends include Harley Race, Sgt. Slaughter, Mick Foley, Fabulous Moolah, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Who better to add on that list than the legendary Undertaker!

At Wrestlemania 21, fans were unsure if Undertaker would win. There were “12-1” signs in the crowds. At one point, this writer thought Undertaker would lost when Orton countered Undertaker’s choke slam into a RKO. Probably the reason for Orton’s loss is his shoulder hypermobility. Orton beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania then taking a hiatus would be bad for business in the short-run, but WWE could have promoted it for the long-run.

To view the “Legend vs. Legend Killer” match at Wrestlemania 21, check out the video below.

It is safe to say nobody presently is set to end the Undertaker’s Streak. With a bigger push, two wrestlers who are best-fit to break Undertaker’s Streak are Daniel Bryan and Cesaro. If WWE takes a “miraculous” or “unbelievable” approach to end Undertaker’s Streak, then Santino Marella would fit. Let’s not forget that fans still want Sting versus Undertaker at Wrestlemania too!

Whoever breaks Undertaker’s Streak, better be worth it to fans and WWE. Just like Pro Wrestling Net stated, Undertaker’s Streak transcends Wrestlemania itself.

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