Charles Barkley Calls Jordan, Pippen, Woods Cheap

Charles Barkley says he is a good tipper. He will not say the same for Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, and Tiger Woods.

The NBA hall of famer and TNT basketball analyst appeared on ‘Conan’ Thursday and declared the three superstar athletes are cheap.

When host Conan O’Brien asked Barkley how generous of a tipper he was, he replied “I think it’s important when you’re successful, the waiters, the waitresses, the Blackjack dealers,” the audience cheered its approval. “I do, I Think it’s important. You know they work extremely hard, they don’t get a great salary. The more successful you are, the more you should tip, I truly believe that.”

Barkley described a tip he once left at a casino. “I’ve tipped $25,000 before. I won about $700,000, you have to tip. I probably should have tipped more to be honest with you.” O’Brien joked “Do you mind if I bring your car around when it’s time for you to leave.”

When asked who are some of the cheapest people he has hung out with, Barkley said “There’s nobody cheaper than Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.” He later added “Tiger’s pretty cheap too.”

It was not the first time Barkley has called his good friend Jordan cheap. The two appeared on Oprah in May, 2011 and Barkley revealed he often gives homeless people money. Barkley revealed if Jordan is with him when he hands out cash, Jordan will slap his hand. “If they can ask you for spare change, they can say welcome to McDonalds, can I help you please?”, he said Jordan once told him.

During the Oprah appearance Barkley said “I saw a sign where the guy said he needed money to buy alcohol. He wasn’t lying so I gave him $100.”

Barkley gave a radio interview to ESPN Chicago in 2012 discussing the job Jordan was doing as majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Barkley was critical of some of the personnel moves Charlotte had done. When asked if would have an opportunity to join the management group, Barkley said “Michael you can’t afford me.” He also added “Let me tell you something, Michael is as cheap as they come, trust me.”

Barkley, Jordan, and Pippen were teammates on the 1992 Olympic “dream team”, considered by many to be the best sports team ever assembled. It was the first Olympic games to allow professional basketball players to participate.

Barkley is working as a studio analyst for TBS and TNT for the NCAA basketball championship.