Crowd Beat And Mugged Driver Who Accidentally Hit 10-Year Old Boy

A driver was beaten and mugged by an angry crowd Wednesday in front of a Clark gas station in Detroit after he accidentally hit a 10-year-old boy while driving his pick-up. The driver, Steve Utash, is now unconscious at St. John Hospital from injuries he sustained from the crowd’s beating, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Surveillance footage showed the boy stepping off the curb into traffic just as the driver was going by. The driver had gone back to check on the boy, when the beating happened. Detroit police are searching for men who participated in the beating of the driver. The crowd of men stole money and credit cards from the unconscious driver after they attacked him.

Steve’s daughter, Felicia, told the Free Press that her family is crushed, “He’s very loved and those kids should be ashamed. This is hurting us for more than one reason. They stole from him. He had money in his wallet as well as bank cards. They took everything from him.”

The driver doesn’t have health insurance to cover the medical care for the multiple head injuries the beating from the crowd inflicted. Deadline Detroit reported that about 12 people were in the crowd that beat Mr. Utash.

Sgt. Woody, of the Detroit Police, said at a press conference that Utash, the driver, “is still in critical condition and it’s really not looking all that good.”

The boy who was accidentally hit is, 10-year-old, David Harris. His mother, DeAngela Harris wrote via Facebook, “The first and last time we let our child go somewhere without us.” David’s godfather, James Duston Jr. told the Free Press that the boy suffered abrasions on his knee, an injury to his foot, and a swollen lip from the accident.

The boy’s godfather and uncle, who were at a house nearby said that they heard people in the crowd saying that the driver was trying to flee when he was beaten, but both men said that they do not feel that was true. The boy’s family said that they understand that David ran into the street and also that they had nothing to do with the man getting beaten.

The Free Press reports that after the accident, “a few neighbors milled around the scene, a busy intersection with a gas station, a Happy’s Pizza and a liquor store. Despite the accident, children were still running through the street.”

Detroit Police say that the driver is not believed to be at fault in any way. This was not a hit-and-run incident, because the driver stopped after the accident. Sgt. Woody said, “The guy never tried to flee the scene.” The crowd members that beat the driver could face charges of assault or additional charges.