Camping Season Has Arrived: Grand Trunk Hammock Review

The winter that felt like it would never end finally has. Spring temperatures are starting to warm most regions in the United States, a bit late for my taste, but at least we can look out the window and see grass on the ground instead of snow. The highly anticipated changing of the seasons will allow most folks to curb their cabin fever, stretch their legs, and enjoy the great outdoors. Millions of Americans across the country are dusting off their camping gear, oiling their saddles, digging out their rod and reel, and lacing up their hiking boots in anticipation of some weekend fun instead of yet more snow shoveling chores. Spending the weekend in the woods is far more enjoyable when all the gear lugged out to the woods is both functional and lightweight. The Grand Trunk hammock is the newest addition to my outdoor gear collection, and one which I look forward to using for many years to come.

The Grand Trunks Good parachute nylon hammock weighs only 20 ounces (for a double, 16 ounces for a single hammock) making it a perfect add-on to my saddle gear when going trail riding and primitive camping. The hammock which comes in a host of colors, may also fit snugly inside any bugout bag or get home bag to serve as an emergency shelter. A rain fly made by the same company provides a top if purchased as a companion item to the hammock and is also lightweight and durable.

The double Grand Trunk hammock is designed to hold two people or up to 400 pounds. Such a claim is bold, but after thoroughly testing the item with individuals of varying weight, including a couple and small child, it held up as well as predicted. The parachute nylon material spreads out well, making it equally comfortable for a couple that wants to cuddle during a backpacking trip and several children who need plenty of elbow room to avoid a fuss while camping.

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When exposed to rain, the parachute material dries quickly and is ready for use again in a minimal amount of time. Getting the Grand Trunk hammock back in the nylon carrier is not a chore as I feared. From past experience, getting my tent to fold nicely back into its wheeled carrier case is typically a bit frustrating – not so with the hammock. It took me less than three minutes to put the hammock back in the carrier and slide the rope drawstring onto my wrist and walk away from the trees where it had been hanging.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Grand Trunk hammock for free from Grand Trunk Goods For The Road as coordinated by Deep Creek Public Relations in consideration for review publication