Georgina Smith: Woman Who Tortured, Killed Roommate Only Gets 12 Years

Georgina Smith, woman guilty of torturing and killing her own roommate in Scotland gets only 12 years prison time, a sentence denounced by many as too lenient for the horrible acts she committed towards her victim, 30-year-old Scott Blackwood.

According to the Mirror, Georgina stabbed Blackwood 13 times, bit his ear off, crushed his eye sockets, and strangled him with a tie. He was also beaten with metal bars and dumbbells and was doused with turps and set on fire.

Court reports say Smith committed the crime with two other people: Allan Nicol and Thomas Moore, both of whom are 36 and got lengthier jail time of 20 years each.

The torture was first committed at Nicol’s house, where the three including Smith repeatedly tried to set the conscious Blackwood on fire. They then proceeded to drag Blackwood to his house – which he shared with Smith – a few blocks away where they continued the torture.

Craig Moriarty, the victim’s brother, spoke before the High Court in Glasgow and testified against Smith, describing her as “sick in the head”. He added that it was “only a matter of time before [Georgina Smith] killed someone”.

On her jail time, Moriarty commented that it was too easy a punishment for Smith considering the gravity of torture she inflicted on his brother. He said that 12 years is not “even nearly enough for taking a life”.

“Georgina should have been put away for life like the others. She’s just as guilty. She is a wild animal and dangerous.

Shortly after Scott’s death, Smith posted a falsely heartfelt message of condolence on his Facebook page. On the Facebook post, Smith wrote that Blackwood had always been a good flatmate and that she will miss her “bud”. She even wrote that she will make sure the people who were responsible for his death will end up in jail.

Defending her actions, Georgina said that she had a “horrible childhood”, causing her to commit the heinous crimes. However, Moriarty said that Georgina never had a tumultuous time growing up. He said:

“She had a good upbringing and a good childhood. It was her own fault she went downhill when she became a teenager.”

During Moriarty’s statement, it was revealed that Georgina called the victim’s brother during the night of the murder, where the brother overheard the two other torturers egging Smith to continue inflicting pain on Blackwood.

According to Daily Record, Smith tried to get away with murder by pretending to be pregnant, even putting baby pictures on Facebook to make her lie more convincing.

For now, despite protests for a longer jail time, Georgina Smith is set to spend 12 years in jail for culpable homicide.

[Image from Mirror]