Will Putin Divorce Make Vlad More Vicious?

With the Putin divorce finally finalized and Russian beefcake Vladimir Putin back on the meat market again, should the world be concerned that the ‘mad dog’ is now a ‘lone wolf”?

The Kremlin’s confirmation that the divorce of Putin from his wife of 30 years, Lyudmila, has been finalized, entails that Putin is once more an eligible bachelor. Which is great news if fawning over an autocrat, who imprisons his political opponents in prison, invades his neighbors and annexes huge swathes of their territory, floats your boat.

More importantly the Putin divorce means that for the first time in three decades, 61-year-old Putin is footloose, fancy free and at liberty to party like he’s once more a young man alive and kicking in the Soviet Union’s golden years.

Born in Leningrad in 1952, Putin became a young man during a period when the Soviet Union was at the peak of its powers. Soviet successes in defeating Hitler, the space/arms races, and the crushing of Hungary and Czechoslovakia, enabled Putin and his fellow citizens to enjoy a life of peace and prosperity. The Russia that Putin came of age in was a superpower on the world stage. It was certainly not a country to be trifled with.

Imagine former KGB officer Putin’s dismay when the Kremlin’s power was challenged, dissent fermented, and the Soviet Union finally collapsed in the late 1980s due to a series of political and economic crises. Putin called the divorce of his country from the world stage a “geopolitical catastrophe”. Subsequently he has made it his life ambition to restore the Soviet system which he believes collapsed in the first instance due to plotting in the West rather than under the weight of its own ineptitude.

Remember Putin was the man who said: “If you compress the spring all the way to its limit, it will snap back hard. You must always remember this.”

Now along comes the Putin divorce and the man who remembers hunting rats in the stairwell of the communal apartment he grew up in and the Putin who became a black belt in judo at 18, and still calls the martial art a life philosophy, now no longer has the calming restraint of a female in his life to question in his more reckless moments: “Hang on a minute Vlad my precious. Do you really thing invading France will earn you any friends?”

Now that he’s a single playboy with no ties and no wife to answer to, Putin’s remark on spy novels: “What amazed me most of all was how one man’s effort could achieve what whole armies could not”, certainly appears a lot more disturbing now that the Putin divorce is finalized and Vlad once more is the sole master of his own time, destiny, and country.

A single man is a reckless man, will Vladimir Putin prove any different?