Britney Spears Blown Away By Fan’s ‘Work B****’ Wedding Dance YouTube Video

Jonathan Vankin - Author

Dec. 21 2017, Updated 4:49 a.m. ET

When Britney Spears decides she likes your YouTube video, you can be pretty sure your “view” count is going to skyrocket. Which is exactly what happened when the video of a wedding guest’s elaborate performance of a dance to Britney’s hit single from last year, “Work Bitch.”

How the video came to Britney’s attention isn’t quite clear. It’s hard to imagine the 32-year-old pop princess spending her afternoons Googling herself. But you never know. The point is, not only did she find the video from the February 23 wedding of 35-year-old Stephanie Huntington, whose best friend of nearly 20 years staged the seemingly impromptu dance, Britney was so amazed that she shared it with the world.

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“This wedding toast is INCREDIBLE!!!” wrote Britney Spears, tweeting the video to her 36.6 million followers. Britney got such a kick out the video, she invited herself to the couple’s 10-year wedding anniversary where she volunteered to perform the song herself.

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After the Britney Spears Twitter endorsement, the video’s view-meter shot up. As of Wednesday night, it stood at over 315,000.

The bride is a part time flight attendant and was in the air when Britney Spears tweeted out the video from her wedding. When she landed, she found herself in the midst of a publicity deluge.

“I had a million texts and Facebook posts and I was like, ‘Oh my God, did someone die?” said Huntington.

The truth is, the seemingly spontaneous performance, which featured a cadre of backup dancers, was actually planned out in meticulous detail. The best friend even hired a professional choreographer — and a crew of dance professionals — to stage the Britney Spears “Work Bitch” dance.

“The bride thought they were employees of the venue, so no one knew a bunch of professional dancers were there,” choreographer Chris Downey said later. “This is honestly the best gift you can give someone at a wedding. She freaked out.”

And what kind of person springs for a professional choreographer just to give a wedding speech? An entertainer, of course. The best friend was Bradley Bredeweg, producer and co-creator of the ABC Family hit series The Fosters — and naturally, an obsessed Britney Spears fan.

Check out Bredeweg’s performance of “Work Bitch” that got Britney Spears so excited, below.


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