New Details Revealed In Houston Shoe Stabbing Case

Ana Trujillo, image courtesy of AP
Another day has drawn to a close in the trial of Ana Trujillo; a woman accused of stabbing a man to death with a high heeled shoe.

The alleged murder happened last June, after Trujillo spent a night out drinking with Alf Stefan Andersson, a Swedish born 59 year old medical researcher and professor at the University of Houston. After hitting a few bars, the two of them headed back to Andersson's apartment, where the fatal shoe stabbing took place.

Yesterday, jurors were shown the actual murder weapon, a blue suede size 9 platform stiletto pump with a 5 & 1/2 inch heel. It's alleged that Trujillo sat on top of Andersson and proceeded to stab him in the face and head approximately 25 times with the blue suede shoe.

When responding officer Ashton Bowie arrived on scene, Trujillo answered the door "covered in blood". Andersson lay supine on the rug, his face a swollen, bloody. ruin.

"I thought his head had been blown out by a gun," he told jurors.

Trujillo's attorneys insist that the murder was an act of self defense. At this point, it seems as if the defense has their work cut out for them, beginning with the 911 call.

The call, which was recorded and played back for jurors on Tuesday, was made sometime after last call and before sun-up by Trujillo herself, who was crying and at times unintelligible. During the call, she claimed that Andersson had been beating her in a jealous rage, and that she'd acted in self defense. The 911 operator was unsure if Trujillo was reporting an assault, or seeking medical attention for somebody she'd assaulted. At the time, it sounded like both.

Of course, if this was true, it would mean that Trujillo was somehow on the phone with 911 while defending herself from Andersson's attack, then while stabbing him with the shoe, and then attempting some form of first aid.

Then there is the issue of the wounds on Andersson's arms, which could either be defensive cuts he sustained from deflecting Ana's lethal blue suede stabbing shoe, or (as Trujillo's attorney John Carrol pointed out) sustained when Trujillo was defending herself from Andersson's attack.

The last person to see Alf Andersson (other than Ana Trujillo) certainly isn't doing Trujillo any favors. Cab driver Rosemary Gomez picked up the ill-fated couple from the Houston bar district and dropped them off at the soon-to-be blood-soaked condo. According to her testimony on Monday, Trujillo's drunken belligerence left Gomez fearing for Andersson's life even as she dropped the two of them off.

"You need to be careful," she recalled saying, in a statement to the court. "Your friend is not in her right mind."

According to Gomez, Andersson leaned forward and squeezed her hand as he left the cab. "I'll be alright," he said.

More details on the Houston Shoe Stabbing Massacre are sure to surface, as the trial of Ana Trujillo is expected to last at least a week.