Jared Leto Praised By Weird Male Cult

If Jared Leto is famous for one thing, apart from dressing up in women’s clothes and doing a poor man’s impression of a rock god, it’s for sporting the sort of long flowing locks fairy-tale characters such as Rapunzel can only dream of. In fact, Jared’s trademark hair has earned him the attention of a very peculiar online group of long-haired gentlemen.

Jared Leto’s bouffant mane is no doubt the envy of metro-sexual gentlemen everywhere, who appreciate, like only a certain breed of 21st century man can, the loving attention and meticulous care Jared lavishes upon his crowning glory. After all, it won’t do for men of Jared’s stature just to have unkempt long hair anymore. No sir. Mr Jared Leto’s flowing tresses have to boast both bounce, vitality, a well-crafted cut and and shine like a harvest moon at the peak of its powers.

With philanthropic and hugely-gifted hippies such as Jared Leto and Russell Brand leading the valiant charge, long hair for men is all the rage again, apparently. Or at least we’re told it is by those who know about such things and spend their spare time worshiping Jared Leto as a style icon.

Such is Jared Leto’s long-haired acclaim that a group calling itself that a vibrant online network of men which goes by the catchy and imaginative name, the ‘long-hair community’, has praised Jared Leto for helping to make hair-cuts and styles which are traditionally considered the sole preserve of glamorous women, acceptable to the general public.

Men of the mane such as Jared Leto, will only be accepted into ‘the long-hair community’, let alone adopted as some sort of figurehead, if they adhere to a strict and rigorously endorsed set of rules and regulations.

Like Jared Leto, you need to boast, “hair long enough to fall upon the shoulders”. Again, like Jared, you must be prepared to deal with bias and abuse as you test the boundaries of traditional gender roles.

Jason Bartlett,the groundbreaking pioneer of the group’s website, Men’s Long Hair Hyperboard, explained in an interview with The Slate, just much love there is among men, like Jared Leto, who like to let their hair down and party. Jason explained:

“If I’m out at a concert and I see another longhair, we give each other a little head nod. We’re individualists; we march to the beat of our own drum, We have a non-herd mentality. There is a percentage of men out there who would probably have longer hair if they didn’t fear the repercussions.”

The former short-haired Jehovah’s Witness believes attitudes towards men of the long-haired persuasion has really changed for the better in the last 20 years and that trendsetters such as Jared Leto are in part responsible for more men reclaiming their right to have beautiful long locks. Way to go Jared!