Shailene Woodley Says ‘Divergent’ Is Nothing Like ‘The Hunger Games’

Shailene Woodley in Divergent.

Shailene Woodley says that her new film Divergent is nothing like that other trilogy you may have heard about, The Hunger Games.

The comparisons almost can’t be helped as both stories are focused on a brave young woman — Tris, played by Woodley, in Divergent and Katniss Everdeen, portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games trilogy — the premise is similar.

In both stories, the young lady in question is forced to leave her home at a young age and make some very difficult — and life changing — choices that affect her forever.

But Shailene Woodley — who has been dubbed the next J-Law — says that comparing both films is not exactly right. In an interview with the co-star, Theo James, Shailene explained:

“The story lines are inherently very different. At the end of the day, it’s like comparing Star Wars to Star Trek.”

On Tuesday, the cast was walking the red carpet for the Berlin premiere of the film, who had fans of the Veronica Roth trilogy screaming out their names.

For the occasion, Shailene Woodley was seen wearing a very Hollywood-esque and very revealing white gown, as seen in the photos below.

For Shailene Woodley, the last few months have been filled with press for Divergent and a notoriety not unlike what Jennifer Lawrence went through when she starred in her first Hunger Games movie.

Everything about the young 22-year-old actress is being scrutinized and with the chemistry that she had with Theo James — who plays leader Four — in Divergent, many wonder if they are an dating in real life.

However, James is reportedly taken by Irish actress Ruth Kearney, so it’s a no go for those thinking that maybe Shailene Woodley and Theo would turn into the next Pattinson and Stewart (who met while filming the Twilight saga).

Divergent has been a huge commercial hit, making over $100 million in its first two weekends and fans are already anticipating the next two installments — Insurgent and Allegiant — for which Shailene Woodley and Theo James have signed on.

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