Pro-Life Counselor Nathan Trapuzzano Gunned Down While Jogging – Baby Due Next Month

Senseless Murder of Nathan Trapuzzano

Nathan Trapuzzano has dedicated his life to saving the lives of unborn babies, yet his life was cut short before he could meet his own baby, who is due next month. The 24-year old newly-wed was shot and killed early Tuesday, while he was out for his morning walk, praying the rosary just as he did each day.

Police in Indianapolis are on a full-scale search for the men who committed this senseless murder “for absolutely no reason.” They say “they will not rest until the people who took his life are behind bars.”

Authorities are determined to find the two suspects who were caught on video-camera between 5:45 and 6 am following Nathan Trapuzzano. One served as a look-out while the other maneuvered Nathan in between two buildings, where the shooting took place. A passer-by found Trapuzzano shot in the abdomen and called 911. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he underwent surgery, but died at 7:40 am.

There is not yet an apparent motive, according to police, though one official has said that Trapuzzano could have been murdered over the headphones he was wearing, according to ABC. Local police are determined to find Nathan’s killers, and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

Computer programmer Nathan Trapuzzano and his wife Jennifer had been married less than a year, and have been looking forward to meeting baby Cecelia soon. The Trapuzannos were deeply in love, and were loved by all who knew them.

“He didn’t bother no one,” says neighbor James Deamus-el.

Father Christopher Roberts, who was involved in Nathan and Jennifer’s wedding last May, said that Nathan was one of the best young men he has ever known.

“There were two things beyond his command of Latin letters that impressed me about Nathan from the start. The first was his goodness. He was a true gentleman, considerate of others and always wanting to become a better man. The second thing that impressed me about Nathan was his deep Catholic faith. He wanted to understand and live his faith at the greatest depth possible.”

That faith led Trapuzzano to be a sidewalk counselor, faithfully, every Saturday, at one of Indianapolis’ four abortion clinics, where Nathan prayed and reached out in compassion to women considering abortion. He took the words of Pope Francis to heart when he said, “Let’s talk about mercy. Let’s talk about love.” The staff and volunteers at Truth and Compassion Ministries are reeling after the death of one of their own. Nathan, was a reliable and important part of their outreach. They are praying for quick apprehension of Nathan’s murderers.

A fund has been set up to help Jennifer Trapuzzano and their baby, and donations have started pouring in. Jennifer is a student, and now faces the difficult task of raising her baby without her husband by her side. She will need all the help she can get. Donations may be made here.

Nathan’s family released the following statement on Wednesday:

“Nathan Trapuzzano was the most kind-hearted person you would ever know. He never had an unkind thought in his head. He was so in love wife his wife Jennifer, and unborn baby daughter, Cecelia. He was so excited about being a new Daddy.

“The loss of this very, very special young man has been such a shock to our entire family. As with many tragedies, this seems so senseless and yet the outpouring of love and support reminds us that there is so much good in this world. Nate would not want us to become angry, but rather focus on the good and what is yet to come.

“Nate had an unbelievable, strong faith in God, and we are finding some comfort knowing he is now in the Lord’s loving embrace.”

There does not appear to be any link between Nathan’s pro-life work and the shooting, but the life and senseless murder of Nathan Trapuzzano has impacted his community and has sent shock waves throughout the pro-life world. His short life was certainly not in vain.

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