James Gandolfini’s Final Film ‘The Drop’ Releases Trailer [Video]

James Gandolfini's last film

James Gandolfini’s second posthumous film The Drop has finally released its trailer. This is significant because the film marks Gandolfini’s final piece of acting. According to a report The Drop, which stars Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace wrapped shortly before Gandolfini’s sudden death in June.

As previously reported, The Soprano’s actor died of a sudden heart attack in June while vacationing with his son in Italy. Gandolfini’s last film The Drop is a crime thriller adaptation based on a screenplay from Mystic River author Dennis LeHane. The author’s works have made their way to the big screen before, such as Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone, War and Mystic River. The film The Drop, known formerly as Animal Rescue was adapted by the author and directed by Michaël R. Roskam.

In addition to James Gandolfini, as stated, the film stars Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy. The Dark Knight Rises actor plays a Brooklyn bartender who runs his own pub, that also just so happens to double as a money laundering operation. The money laundering operation is run by Marv, his boss and cousin. Gandolfini took on the role of Marv for the gritty film.

James Gandolfini is featured significantly in the trailer, a choice that seems like a smart move in honoring the actor’s chops. In the trailer, Gandolfini is shown as a rough around the edges tough guy, a role that he was an expert at playing. “When I walked into a place, people sat up straight, they noticed, I was respected,” says Marv. “I was feared and that meant something.”

As stated this is the second film to be released in the wake of the star’s passing. Gandolfini’s unexpected turn in the film Enough Said was released after his death to overwhelmingly positive reception.

At the time of the star’s death Fox Searchlight paid tribute to Gandolfini by showing footage of the film. Fox Searchlight International executive vice president of marketing Rebecca Kearey said at a presentation at CineEurope:

“We were all very deeply saddened and feel very honored to have worked with him. This was the last film he shot.”

Back in December The Drop’s lead Tom Hardy spoke about James Gandolfini at The Sun Military Awards.

“He was lovely. He was a very special man. He was an incredibly kind and generous human being. He’s very warming and I warmed a lot to him. I really, really loved James.”

The actor’s last film is set to hit theaters on September 19.

[Image Credit: Fox Searchlight]