Jackie Chan’s K-Pop Boy Band JJCC Scores A Major Hit In China

Jackie Chan has officially entered the world of Korean pop music. However, don’t expect the action movie vet to pick up a microphone with the guys anytime soon.

Although he’s primarily known for his work on the big screen, the Jackie has also enjoyed a very successful music career in China over the years. After amassing plenty of experience in the industry, Chan put together his very own K-pop group called JJCC (aka Double JC).

According to the folks at Tempo, the Jackie Chan Group Korea recently told the world all about the singers’ many abilities. In addition to wooing fans with their songs, the fellas — SimBa, E.Co, San Cheong, Eddy, and Prince Mak — have many different ways to entertain the masses.

“All five can rap, sing, write songs, and even excel in popping, jazz, b-boy, ballet, and other various dances. They can speak English, as well as Korean and Chinese. With very unique personalities, they form together the best synergy effect. Please anticipate these five jewels that will represent Asia,” the Jackie Chan Group said in a recent statement.

Apparently people in China and South Korea were more than willing to accept JJCC and their music. The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported that the group’s debut single “At First” quickly made its way to the very top of China’s QIY K-pop chart.

Although Eddy, SimBa, E.Co, and San Cheong have spent quite a bit of time training in South Korea, Prince Mak joined the group after winning a contest six months ago. According to the singer, Jackie Chan’s interest in Korea’s training camps prompted the group to start its career in the country.

“Korean artists are actually really good and [so is] the way of training,” Make explained to the outlet.

KpopStarz points out that Mak doesn’t appear in JJCC’s music video for “At First.” While the other guys are all present and accounted for in the clip, the fifth member is strangely absent. Jackie Chan Group has yet to officially comment on his absence as of this writing.

However, this apparently did little to slow the song’s popularity. The music video for “At First” has amassed almost 300,000 views on its official YouTube channel in the span of a single week. While this pales in comparison to some English-language artists, JJCC is definitely on the rise at the moment.

Are you a fan of JJCC? What do you think about Jackie Chan entering the world of boy band management?

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