Would Amber Heard Upload Johnny Depp’s Mind Into A Computer For Love?

Amber Heard may be head over heels in love with aging Hollywood hunk Johnny Depp, but if the Pirates Of The Caribbean was on his death bed, would Amber upload his consciousness into a computer and keep it there for all eternity?

It’s a strange question for Amber Heard to answer, but it’s also the subject matter of Amber’s spouse-to-be’s new sci-fi movie, Transcendence.

In fact, Amber’s 50-year-old lover was in Beijing promoting Transcendence, when he proudly showed a mildly interested world the “chick’s ring” he purchased for Amber Heard as he indirectly confirmed his engagement to the 27-year-old infatuated starlet. Depp was bizarrely wearing Heard’s ring himself because the diamond sparkler was apparently just too big for Amber’s finger.

Isn’t that what they all say, Johnny? What next? Will it be a case of, “Oh dear, Amber, it appears your lovely wedding dress doesn’t fit properly. You don’t mind if I mooch around in it for a bit do you, honey?” In Transcendence, Amber Heard’s middle-aged-partner plays a terminally ill scientist who uploads his mind into a computer before he breathes his last. USA Today reports that Depp divulged in an interview, saying: “The technology that exists within the film, what I find most fascinating is that a lot of it exists already and by all accounts from scholars and professors and scientists that species of technology is not far away, that kind of artificial intelligence.”

Which is all kind of deeply unsettling, when you consider the possibility of being condemned to an eternity of being trapped in someone’s Apple Mac. Yet more sinister still, is Amber Heard’s groom-in-waiting’s announcement that “It’s one of those films that one person is forced to make a choice in an instant, when your loved one is dying and you have a split-second decision if you have the ability to upload their consciousness into a computer, would you do that? It’s quite a strange decision to make but for love I think we would all do it.”

Would we Johnny? Would you upload Amber and would Miss Heard upload you? Let’s imagine a possible scenario. Amber uploads you onto a hard-drive called something along the lines of “Johnny-come-Lately”. And then a few years down the line, Amber falls out of love with you. It happens, just ask Vanessa Paradis or Kate Moss. What then? Does Amber trade you in for a new laptop? Or worse still, are you sold for spare parts or exposed to the hell and horror of the second-hand computer store? And who would save you, Johnny? Do hard-drives, even Hollywood hard-drives, have recourse to the law?

It doesn’t bear thinking about. So it’s probably best you don’t pop that particular question to Amber Heard.