Mendeecees Harris Released On $600k Bail With Yandy Smith’s Help, Will Face Drug Trial In 2014

Mendeecees Harris was released from jail on a $600,000 bond just yesterday with the help of Yandy Smith, who is his fiancee. She is said to be responsible for providing $200,000 out of the total bond, half of which has already been provided in court.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, similar to many reality TV shows, Love & Hip Hop added Los Angeles as one of the featured cities in 2014.

Rumors had speculated that the Love & Hip Hop New York cast member had been freed earlier, but it turns out he’s been in prison since January of 2013. Mendeecees Harris is accused of working with his brother, Tyrus Harris, and another man, Ronald Walker, as part of a New York City-based drug ring. Mendeecees Harris was acquitted of charges unrelated to the drug trial case, including a sexual assault of a 15-year old, child endangerment, and promoting prostitution.

Authorities seized millions in cash and jewelry from the three men, who have slowly been admitting to some of the charges. Tyrus Harris plead guilty on Monday to transporting cocaine to the Rochester region. Walker plead guilty last year to the distribution of 40 kilos of cocaine, and a single kilo of heroine. Walker was sentenced to 10 years in prison, to be followed by 5 years of supervised release. Because of Walker’s conviction, $2.5 million worth of assets seized in connection with the investigation were forfeited to the government, including several homes in New York and Georgia.

With Mendeecees Harris safely home, Yandy Smith released a statement:

“We have been anticipating him getting bail for a while. As you know from the show, every time I got excited, circumstances came up and threw a wrench in the plan. So this time, I did not get excited until I heard the judge say all the terms were excepted and bail was granted. I’m SURE it’s going to be like Christmas at our house.”

The judge in the drug trial case believes the amount is substantial enough that Harris won’t risk fleeing. At last count, Mendeecees Harris’ net worth was estimated at $500,000. Besides being a music producer and owner at Beat Factory, he’s also a successful real estate developer. He and his fiancee, Yandy Smith, have one child together, a 20-month old boy named Omere. Yandy has previously said, “The hardest part is just watching the kids growing up without him.”

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