YouTube, Followed By Google+ And LinkedIn Offer The Best Web Traffic: Report

Web Traffic it seems comes in two varieties; the stocking stuffer and the elite kind. A new report has managed to evaluate the sources of both these kinds.

Social Sharing and Analytics Company Shareaholic conducted a study which ran from September 2013 to February 14, and included social actions on over 200,000 websites by 250 million web surfers. The company was able to conclusively proof that traffic from Reddit and StumbleUpon might be impressive, but it is relatively less effective than web traffic from YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Moreover, the traffic is much more beneficial.

Web Traffic from discovery engines is the web equivalent of junk food, whereas visits from YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn are rich in minerals and vitamins: the highest quality traffic you can get, observed VentureBeat.

Quality Web Traffic Comes From YouTube, Followed By Google & LinkedIn

The six months that the study was actively being executed, Shareaholic was able to witness first–hand that visitors who landed via discovery engines didn’t stay long, neither did they interacted much with the site and quickly fleeted to other sites. Whereas, visitors from the aforementioned portals, stuck with the site for a longer duration. They willingly navigated the site, clicking around for more information and ‘bounced’ (leave immediately) the least.

It was once assumed that sharing on Facebook offered a much better chance of the site and content being discovered and consumed as compared to Google’s Google+, but the observation is quite the contradictory. Google+ and LinkedIn may not be in YouTube’s league, but they both drive more ‘engaged’ web traffic than social giants Facebook and Twitter.

This makes Google+ and LinkedIn a very rich untapped resource. “Although many sites see minimal traffic from both Google+ and LinkedIn, now may be the time to invest in building communities within those networks if engagement really matters to your business” shared Danny Wong, the Author of the study ‘Social Media Traffic Engagement

The study pegs YouTube as the undisputed leader in driving ‘high quality’ web traffic. “YouTube drives the most engaged traffic with an average 43.19% bounce rate, 2.99 pages per visit, and a 227.82 second visit duration.” stated the report.

Web traffic is a very critical component that is dearly sought by almost all Content Publishers. It is even more important to internet retailers as web traffic comes in handy when deciding revenue via sales or advertising. Organic ascension in traffic is always ranked higher or preferred for advertising as the content aggregators themselves have not resorted to shelling out cash to artificially boost the traffic to the web properties.

[Images via shareaholic and 1and1]