Georgia University Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

Georgia's Columbus State University Shooting Leaves One Man Dead

A Georgia University shooting on Sunday has left one man dead, and many asking questions. Police at Georgia’s Columbus State University reportedly shot and killed a man after receiving reports of an individual with a gun on Campus.

According to ABC News, Zikarious Jaquan Flint, 20, was shot and killed on the Georgia University campus and Flint’s family is upset over the whole situation. The family’s lawyer stated today that Flint wasn’t a student on campus and he was simply an unarmed visitor when he was shot and killed.

According to Time, police received a call at 2:35 pm Sunday afternoon to an area near campus apartments and began chasing an individual on foot. University Police Chief Rus Drew said that “there was a short foot chase and at some point the suspect turned and faced the officers and shots were fired”.

University police have said that there was no need to place the campus under lockdown because they believed it was an “isolated threat” and the events of the shooting took place too rapidly to call a lockdown.

Stacey Jackson stated that he has been hired by Flint’s family as a lawyer and spokesman. Jackson reportedly told The Associated Press that he went to the Columbus State University campus after the fatal shooting Sunday and spoke to a number of individuals who witnessed the event.

“All three witnesses were consistent in the fact that when Mr. Flint was shot, he did not have a weapon in his hand and, from what they witnessed, he was shot from behind,” Jackson said Monday.

Jackson continued on to say that Flint had joined three friends to visit some other friends on the Georgia campus who are enrolled at Columbus State. What exactly happened from there is still unknown at this time. “Obviously, they’re very upset, very distraught,” Jackson said about Flint’s family according to ABC News.

“This is a terrible tragedy,” CSU President Tim Mescon said. “We’ll cooperate fully with the investigation…. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved in this as well as their families.”

ABC News stated that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is investigating Sunday’s fatal shooting and that while University officials have said that they have no further details at this time, they have stated that they will be assisting in the investigation.

Flint’s family has scheduled an autopsy to be done this afternoon, and they are hoping that it will help shed some light into what happened.

[Image by Deutschlandreform via Wikimedia Commons]