Meet The New Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s super genius IQ has just been topped by an 11-year-old Romanian living in the UK who recorded an impressive score of 162 when sitting his Mensa application.

Not only did Mihail Iulian Barascu top Einstein’s IQ, he also topped that of Albert’s scientific soul-mate Stephen Hawking. Not bad for a youngster who’s hasn’t started shaving yet!

The new Albert Einstein was reported in the Dover Express as being a creative type who’s never happier than when he’s at his computer. The big brained lad, who like Einstein is considered to be in the top one percent of the world’s most intelligent thinkers, is also trying his hand at writing a novel. Something which not even Einstein got around to doing.

The boy who would be Einstein revealed:

“It’s not that I don’t like reality – but it can be boring sometimes.”

A sentiment with which Albert Einstein would no doubt wholeheartedly concur. It’s rumored Einstein didn’t speak a word until he turned four. Which could either mean young Albert was a terrible day-dreamer, or perhaps Einstein was too busy deeply studying a world, which never makes too much sense even to the most elevated of minds, before he felt finally ready to participate in it.

According to father Gheorghe, who is both a teacher and priest, the new Einstein’s superhuman mind powers often lead to confrontations. And the young Albert’s mum Gabriela revealed:

“He’s got so much imagination. Sometimes it’s too much. We say, ‘slow down!'”

The reporter who interviewed the young Einstein, explained that the little Albert would rather spend his vacations in Versailles than partying in Parc Asterix, and apparently if you ask the blossoming genius a simple question, it’s as if he’ll immediately compose a 500 word answer. A trait which could no doubt prove a little awkward in everyday social encounters, such as when someone asks you your name.

In less than two hours the young Einstein can explain how the universe was created, and as an extra whammy, undermine Stephen Hawking all at the same time. He’ll tell you why the chicken came before the egg and he also dreams of becoming an architect.

Although he may have an IQ higher than Albert Einstein’s, Iulian, similar to most 11-year-olds likes weird things and enthused:

“There’s this man who stuck 600 pins all over his face. I like to see how far the human body can go – to see how far things can be pushed to their extremes.”

Although on paper, Iulian may be brainier than Einstein, the young pretender to the throne who admitted: “I baely do any work. I’m just lazy sometimes”, has his work cut out if he’s going to leave the same sort of mark on the world as Mr Albert Einstein.