Girls Laugh While Man Gets Held up and Shot Video

Check out this appalling footage of teen girls casually leaning back against a wall laughing while a man gets robbed and then shot in a store.

The shooting occurred August 6 2008 at a chinese restaurant in Northeast Baltimore.

Several people have been charged and at the court hearing Prosecutor Jen Rallo played the below footage to Judge Shirley Watts. Rallo said at the hearing that the victim was left on the floor of the restauant bleeding.

“He is left to live or die on his own. … No one helps,” Rallo said. “He is in pain. He asks to go behind the counter because he is afraid these individuals will return and shoot him again. And the store actually continues serving customers as man is bleeding on the floor.”

Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon said that clearly there were some very mentally disturbed individuals living in Baltimore. “Girls standing there. They continued to laugh. Blood’s all over him. People come back in and get their orders. It’s like business as usual.”

It doesn’t look like nervous laughter, either. Is this what it has come to?