Free Coffee At McDonald’s As Breakfast War Erupts With Taco Bell

How would you like a free coffee with your breakfast? Most people would, and fast food giants McDonald’s and Taco Bell are currently head-to-head in a fully blown breakfast war to get your business.

It basically started when Taco Bell featured an all-new advert with 25 men REALLY named Ronald McDonald who were showing their love for the new TB menu.

A reporter for Business Insider, Hayley Peterson, said about the fast food breakfast war: “This is Taco Bell’s way of saying that there’s a new breakfast player in town and there’s no better way to do that than to go after the king of breakfast by market share, which is McDonalds.”

In order to defend their honor, and presumably to keep their valued customers, McDonald’s just announced that they are offering free coffee for two full weeks starting today.

Taco Bell said about their new menu: “We just launched the next generation of breakfast – it’s not a two-week promotion. Clearly, our competition is taking notice and reacting.”

In response to that attack, the hamburger giant responded: “We’ve consulted with Mayor McCheese and he has confirmed that Ronald McDonald, in fact, still only chooses McDonald’s.”

As far as we know this is the first serious attempt by Taco Bell to break into the breakfast market,and are trying to break it big time with their aggressive new advertising campaign.

Hayley Peterson noted that: “This is the first time Taco Bell has ever gotten into Breakfast, so they have to do it big, and they have to hit it hard. And they’ve said that this is their most extensive, biggest marketing campaign in their 52-year history.”

So when you awake tomorrow and are deciding where to go for breakfast, keep it in mind that if you go to visit the Golden Arches you will be entitled to a small coffee, absolutely free of charge.