Martina Hingis Puts Thibault Hutin’s Assault, Cheating Allegations Behind Her With Win

Martina Hingis’ recent Tennis win has proven that she’s put behind her the assault and cheating allegations by Thibault Hutin. Working with Sabine Lisicki, the pair defeated Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina 4-6, 6-4, 10-5 at the Sony Open.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Thibault Hutin once claimed that Martina Hingis cheated on him at least twice. Hutin claims he walked in on Martina Hingis with another man in their hotel room. More recently, Hingis’ ex-husband alleged that he was “beaten to a bloody pulp” by Martina, her mother, and her mother’s boyfriend:

“On Monday evening, I was in our shared apartment when the doorbell rang. In the course of a dispute to Martina and her mother Melanie Molitor pounced on me, beat me and scratched. My upbringing forbids me to beat women. They wanted to kill me. I’m shocked! I never thought it would go so far. I’m really afraid. What will be next, a bullet?”

After the assault, the tennis star even allegedly stole her ex’s passport and credit cards, only to have the police retrieve them later for Hutin. He also supposedly received text messages with death threats.

The end of the scandal came when Thibault Hutin left for France after apparently deciding to not file charges, although he supposedly started the process of filing an official complaint. Hingis, for her part, denied all allegations by her ex-husband:

“That is utterly ridiculous… Martina, as always, has chosen to take the high road and she is not going to speak anymore about it.”

And that was that, as they say. According to some reports, wacky tales like this tend to be the highlight of too many a tennis star, which leads some to question the sport’s image:

“How tennis has retained any part of its image as an effete leisure pursuit pays tribute to the enduring hold on the national consciousness of Edwardian light comedy, and the stock scene in which one chinless wonder sidles through the drawing room doors, insouciantly waving a racket, to invite another to make up a foursome on the lawn.”

But it’s apparent the allegations did not stick since Martina Hingis just won her first doubles title in seven years and no one has uttered a peep about Thibault Hutin in months. What do you think about the allegations made by her former husband?