WWE News: The Shield Set To Break Up After Wrestlemania 30

Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins better known as The Shield have been running rough-shot over the WWE for over a year. Reigns and Rollins of The Shield are former Tag Team Champions, meanwhile Ambrose is the current United States Champion. He has held it since early last year, which means he is nearing record breaking dates every day he holds onto the gold.

The trio have been dominate, and have had some of the best matches in WWE over the last year. At the end of the day however, all things must come to an end. While The Shield has been fantastic, the issue is that all three men are fantastic singles performers as well. Roman Reigns is clearly the star of the group as the fans have begun to take to him much more than Ambrose and Rollins.

Meanwhile both Ambrose and Rollins have a huge cult fan base who have followed them since their days on the Independent scene. Rollins came in highly praised as Tyler Black and ended up having highly impressive matches in FCW with Ambrose. All the while the cousin of The Rock, Roman Reigns was being an impressive athlete in developmental along with his partners but was not nearly as loved or respected.

Now with a major following of his own, it seems that The Shield has a big man that needs to move on to greener pastures. It seems that WWE might just make that happen and force a split with The Shield beginning after Wrestlemania 30.

The idea was presented that The Shield would break up in a way that made sense, such as having Rollins and Ambrose betray Reigns, forcing them to go heel and Reigns to go face.

Another thought was simply having the pair decide to break off on their own, but maintaining a friendship and eventually they could always come back together if need be. The Shield is one of the best factions in WWE history and that much is well known. Cracks have already formed in The Shield the last couple of months and all three men have looked a bit suspicious at one point or another.

While the idea of breaking up The Shield is not a popular thing among fans, we all know that a split had to come. How The Shield breaks up has yet to be determined. Most fans hope that they will remain friends in some way and then break off to do their own thing, therefore making it possible to join back up at another time. However, WWE does not usually work in that fashion. That means a betrayal could come soon, and potentially sooner than we all think.