WWE News: Shane McMahon Expected To Be At WrestleMania 30

Shane McMahon

The McMahon family has ruled over the Pro-Wrestling world for years. Vince McMahon is not only an intelligent business man, but he is a fantastic charismatic actor and has shown how great he could play the ruthless boss type. WWE has benefited from Vince, but they have also benefited from his children.

Stephanie McMahon, nicknamed the “Billion Dollar Princess,” has been terrific as an actress on TV, similar to her father. However, not one McMahon can say that they have given their body more than Vince’s son, Shane McMahon.

Shane was known for being a high risk-high reward type of athlete. He is know for taking risks as a wrestler, despite being a legitimate executive in the company who never had to take such bumps. Memorable things such as falling half way off of the Titantron backwards, jumping off of it with an elbow drop, being slammed twice through glass, and so much more.

Due to his wrestling style, he gained a large fan base who loved seeing him in WWE. Of course, WWE loved having him and whenever “Here Comes the Money” came up on the Titantron, fans erupted. Shane is simply one of the most popular characters in WWE history and he did things that he never had to do as the son of the boss. Neither he nor his sister had to appear on WWE programming, but chose to do so simply out of love for the company.

Now, according to the very credible Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Shane McMahon is set to be at Wrestlemania 30. He is supposed to be backstage and many feel he will be on camera at one point or another. WWE has been calling up several past names and huge stars from wrestling’s past to appear on the show. So it should come as no surprise that Shane O’Mac would be present.

Many think he is coming back fully, and that he will be part of WWE’s Authority storyline. This is a huge rumor, but should be taken as just that. Shane, like his father, is a business man. He owns and operates his own business currently and he is very successful with it.

YOU On Demand is a successful streaming service that was a major deal in China for some time. Shane was the CEO, but stepped down possibly due to the fact that he wanted to be in America more. Of course, Shane remains the Chairman of the Board and Principal executive officer.

Despite stepping down as CEO, Shane still is a major part of the company and by no means does he have the time to invest in joining back up with WWE for a storyline. Even if his father could pay him well for it, and he could, Shane is simply going to be at the 30th Anniversary of Wrestlemania because of the fact that it is the 30th one. WWE is very much a family business and Shane has given a lot to it. So, it is great that he will be at WWE’s biggest event of the year.