Harry Styles Wouldn’t Mind Following In Justin Timberlake’s Footsteps

Harry Styles wants to follow in the footsteps of another successful gentleman with a boy band past.

The One Direction singer seems to understand his group probably won’t last forever. Fans probably don’t want to hear it, but most boy bands don’t last forever. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part these groups have an expiration date.

When the One Direction fellas eventually decide to go their separate ways, Harry Styles hopes to take the same career path as Justin Timberlake. This apparently includes a healthy and acclaimed solo career in addition to occasional forays into acting.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, Harry Styles recently purchased a home in Los Angeles to pursue a fruitful Hollywood career. Rumors previously suggested that Harry met up with The Wolf of Wall Street star Leonardo DiCaprio to discuss appearing in one or two productions for Appian Way.

“He’s already been writing for Kodaline and [The X Factor USA winners] Alex and Sierra, and recording solo demos. He wants to act, too, and he can’t get the real gig if he stays in a boy band that 12 year olds like,” an industry insider explained.

The source continued, “He loves 1D, but he feels it could limit his longevity. He asked Kendall [Jenner]: ‘How many boy bands do you know that keep going for more than five years?'”

The Irish Independent reports that Harry Styles is ready and willing to take the United States by storm. To make that happen, he wants to spend much more time rubbing elbows with influential folks who reside in Los Angeles and Hollywood.

“Harry’s making connections — he’s not taken seriously in the US yet and he wants desperately to change that. He has the big picture in mind and his bandmates know it. It’s a matter of time before he goes solo,” the source explained.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Styles recently joined forces with John Legend in the studio. However, it’s currently unclear where or when this collaboration will find its way into the hands of fans.

“We got together for a few hours and wrote what I think is a really lovely song. I’d love to write with him again as he is a very great guy and very talented. He has some really great lyrical ideas and is a very good songwriter,” Legend explained to The Sun.

Do you think Harry Styles should follow in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake?

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