March 29, 2014
'Game Of Thrones' Season Four: What's Next For Jon Snow & Ygritte?

Spring may be in the air, but for Game Of Thrones fans, winter is almost upon us. With the hit HBO show's return a mere week from now, Entertainment Weekly caught up with Game of Thrones stars Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie to discuss their characters Jon Snow and Ygritte and what to expect in season four.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead]

Harrington for one, expects a far different Jon Snow than we've seen so far:

"He starts talking more. This season is Jon's biggest season. The major thing for him is he doesn't have the usual patriarchal figure over his head telling him what to do. There's no Uncle Benjen, no Qhorin Halfhand, no Mance Rayder. He's found himself back at The Wall and he knows there's an imminent threat from the Wildlings. There's a power struggle between him and the Castle Black commanding officers."

That struggle with the Wildlings may also involve a reunion with Ygritte, his love interest from last season, played by Rose Leslie. When we last left Harrington's character, he'd saved his brother from an attack by the Wildlings and in turn betrayed and abandoned Leslie's Ygritte. According to, Ygritte spends season four "super pissed" at Snow for that choice:

"She's been hurt. We see a very different side of her. It harkens back to wronged woman are dangerous, and she's incredibly dangerous this season. She's on a mission."

Leslie added insight to Ygritte's mission for Game of Thrones season four:

"She wants vengeance. She wants to make sure Jon Snow feels as much pain as she feels."

Kit Harrington meanwhile has more to deal with than just Rose Leslie when Game of Thrones returns. There is also the impending power struggle when Jon returns to the Wall and the ramifications of killing his former leader Qhorin Halfhand. And even though Halfhand essentially forced Snow's hand in order to infiltrate the Wildlings, Harrington will also have to face the fact that in doing so, he's broken many of the vows his fellow Knights Watch hold sacred - including his relationship with Leslie.

But Kit Harrington assures fans that while Jon Snow rightfully has his hands full when Game of Thrones season four opens up, that his story will be done justice:

"There has been in the past — not quite rightly — from the fans a feeling that Jon Snow's story has not been done justice and I don't think that's correct. I think some of the bits have been building to this season. We get a lot of payoff for his storyline and The North storyline."

Kit Harrington's Jon Snow and Rose Leslie's Ygritte return when Game of Thrones season four premieres April 6th on HBO.