Watch India Vs. Australia Cricket Live Online, ICC World Twenty20

Fans can watch the India vs. Australia cricket match live online and see if the Indian team can continue to ignore the turmoil at home and keep winning at the ICC World Twenty20 tournament.

Coming into the tournament, Indian cricket was at a low point with a poor showing in the Asia Cup and disastrous trips to New Zealand and South Africa. The team had played poorly ever since the November retirement of Sachin Tendulkar, but so far in the T20 has been able to turn things around.

The Indian team is undefeated through three games, with wins over Pakistan, West Indies, and Bangladesh. They will now take on Australia on Sunday at 7:30 pm local time (1:30 pm GMT) from Dhaka.

Fans who watch the India vs. Australia cricket match live online will see if India can continue to play well despite controversy at home. There has been an ongoing Supreme Court investigation of corruption a the Indian Premier League, one that has forced BCCI president N Srinivasan to temporarily step down.

Still, Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said his team has no problem focusing on the ICC World Twenty20.

“A lot of things happen around cricket but you have to be focused when you are representing your country,” he said. “That is one thing that this team has done really well. We do not really discuss all that because one of the facts is you are supposed to play well. That is what the criteria is.”

Those who watch the ICC World Twenty20 cricket online will see if India can finish its Group Two campaign against an underperforming Australian team.

Fans who want to watch the India vs. Australia cricket match live online can click here. The game is available in India through Star Sports online.