Canada Courthouse Shooting Ends With One Dead, Another Injured

A courthouse shooting in Canada ended with one person injured and another dead in Brampton Ontario. According to the Huffington Post, a police officer was shot in the stomach Friday during the shooting.

Live reports by The Toronto Star have confirmed that Peel Regional Police veteran, Mike Klarenbeek, 53, is in critical condition at Sunnybrook trauma center after being shot in the stomach during the courthouse shooting.

ABC News stated that another man was shot and killed after opening fire in the courthouse. Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit told reporters that a man entered the courthouse and started firing shots, one of which hit Klarenbeek, before police fired back and killed the man. According to the report, Alex Anderson said he was in the first floor hallway when he heard a shot being fired.

“I heard one shot and I didn’t think too much of it,” Anderson said. “Then a series of shots that just went two, three, four, five. In that process, people were running. Everyone was scattering to the nearest courtroom that they can just get into.”

According to the Huffington Post, multiple witnesses reported hearing somewhere between four and five shots being fired in the courthouse. Anderson recalled seeing a body covered by a sheet after the shooting ended.

Many have taken to social media outlets such as twitter to keep the public updated on the Canada courthouse shooting:

More photos of shooting in Brampton courthouse.Ont.:

— Daniel Brown (@DanielBrownLaw) March 28, 2014

#Breaking Police say officer injured in Brampton, Ontario, courthouse shooting is in stable condition, identif…

— Justin Calabrese (@calabresejustin) March 28, 2014

The Canada courthouse shooting has many still rattled. There is still limited information available at this time as police continue to investigate the situation. Current updates are now saying that the officer who was shot is now in stable, though still critical condition at this time.

Since the investigation is still ongoing at this time, stay with The Inquisitr as more information becomes available.

[Image via CTV News Twitter Feed]