Twitter Decides To Launch An Ad Product Just For Mobile App Makers

Micro blogging network Twitter is soon expected to launch a Mobile Advertising platform meant specifically for Mobile App Developers.

Born out of acquisition of MoPub, it is commonly referred to as App–Install Ads. Twitter’s as yet unnamed platform will be aimed at Mobile App Makers and help them, improve the awareness factor of their creations. The platform will eventually be used to encourage smartphone users to download and use apps, reported Bloomberg.

Twitter App–Install Ads essentially work as a redirecting mechanism that, when interacted with, redirects the user to the advertiser’s page in a mobile-app store. Once here, it is hoped that the user will hit the ‘Install’ button, shared Twitter via a blog–post.

The method is being designed to be as unobtrusive and subtle as possible. The ads are expected to be inserted within the timeline or Twitter Feed of the user. As the feature is still under development, there is a lot of confidentiality surrounding the same and hence it is still not known exactly how Twitter plans to push forth these promotional messages for mobile applications.

Ever since the announcement of its Initial Public Offering, Twitter is aggressively pursuing multiple endeavors pertaining to different advertising techniques. Quite recently, it apparently took a break from the same with an interesting approach to prioritizing the Tweets from people who have been “favorited” by the user. Though even this feature is still in Beta, users seem to be quite content with the addition.

Twitter is quite serious about Mobile Advertising. There are a couple of reasons for the same. The Social Media platform is facing a problem of dormant accounts, not to mention slowing user–addition rates too. This indicates that the platform is not only having a problem of garnering user–attention, but failing at keeping them engaged too. Fortunately, its Mobile Apps are said to be doing well.

Mobile Apps might just be the big ticket that offers mutual benefits to both the developers as well as Twitter. Twitter has a user base exceeding 241 Million. This demographic is now open for advertising for a specific segment. Meanwhile Twitter certainly stands to gain substantially from AdWord Bidding.

The App Stores currently house Millions of Apps, many of whom are near identical or downright clones of their more successful counterparts. App Makers, using the App–Install Ads will now be able to push through the clutter and significantly enhance discovery of their creations.

Despite being in Beta Testing phase, Twitter’s ingenuity has proven quite successful for App Makers, having reduced the cost of user acquisition by almost 80%!

[Image Credit | Mario Armstrong]