March 30, 2014
Is Liam Payne Smoking Because He's Fat?

One Direction's Liam Payne triggered a hormonal panic on Twitter earlier this week when he was pictured puffing on a 'nicotine stick' as he casually strolled along some run-down pier in Somerset like some out of control hoodlum. Yet the question remains, did young master Payne take up the deadly habit to help him shift a few pounds?

Many of the hordes of heartbroken fans that worship young Liam Payne like the second coming of a slightly overweight messiah certainly think so

Fans of the boy wonder everywhere took to their social media accounts and declared hysterically that Liam Payne was not only breaking their heart by wantonly indulging himself in the vile habit of inhaling nicotine, but that Liam was only smoking in the first instance because he feared becoming yet another victim of the obesity epidemic which is running rampant and unchecked through every corner of the civilised world.

A chancer calling herself the 'Future Mrs. Styles tweeted: "Dearest @Real_Liam_Payne I'm fat too, but it doesn't mean I need to smoke to lose weight more.. so please stop smoking.. please??

And yet another grief stricken One Direction fan pleaded with Liam Payne to: "Please stop smoking. We love you Liam. You're not fat xx."

Yet hell has no fury like a disappointed Liam Payne fan and others took to their Twitter accounts to rage against poor puffy Payne and hold him eternally responsible for "breaking their hearts."

Even more dramatically, some hormonally charged Liam Payne fans took the conspiracy theorist route, and tweeted: "He's not smoking liam wouldn't do that! He's not that type of person! It's photoshopped!"

The question why would anyone want to photoshop a picture of Liam Payne holding a cigarette, never seems to enter their heads, as Liam Payne fans everywhere continue to plough their own furrow and refuse to believe their idol would participate in something so morally bankrupt as to enjoy a good smoke.

Yet here's the news. Liam Payne isn't smoking because he's fat, if indeed he is fat folks. He's smoking because he probably enjoys it, as this story which appeared in the Daily Mirror way back in November of last year proves. In the final analysis smoking may be harmful to your health but so is sugar and a lot of other things, and they haven't yet made it illegal.

So let's cut the Payne master some slack. It's got to be stressful being stalked my millions of obsessed teenagers every hour of every day. So if Liam Payne wants to live a little and chill out with a crafty fag, then isn't that nobody's business but his own?