Another Teen Wolf Favorite Not Returning For Season 4

The Teen Wolf season 3 finale left many fans heartbroken, but viewers flocked to MTV to watch the supernatural teen drama’s final episode of the season.

Nearly matching the show’s all-time viewer record, Monday’s Teen Wolf season finale brought in a whopping 2.3 million viewers accroding to The Wrap, making it the No. 1 cable program for teen viewers. The 2.3 million Teen Wolf pulled in on Monday for the season finale was just below the 2.4 million who tuned in to watch the season’s premiere episode. The huge Teen Wolf numbers also extended to social media, where over 855,000 tweets were generated with 52 national and worldwide trending terms.


As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Teen Wolf season finale involved the death of character Allison Argent, played by Crystal Reed, as she decided to bid farewell to the series. Reed isn’t the only Teen Wolf actor who won’t be returning in season 4 however.

E! Online is reporting that actor Daniel Sharman, who plays fan-favorite werewolf Isaac, will also be leaving the show. Sharman is interested in seeking out other acting opportunities during pilot season, and will also be looking at possible movie roles. Sharman joined the cast in season 2, although he was not a series regular until season 3.

Teen Wolf executive producer Jeff Davis spoke to E! Online about the parting of Sharman, and says that the actor isn’t leaving on bad terms.

“Daniel Sharman came to us, much like Crystal did, and said that he wanted to go out for pilot season and for movies and try something new,” Davis said.

There is a bit of good news for fans who may be devastated by this bit of news, however. It looks like Isaac, Sharman’s character, will not be killed off in the Teen Wolf series.

“He specifically asked that we not kill off Isaac, so that he could have the chance to return. He said he loved the role so much that he wanted to be able to come back if there was a chance,” Davis revealed. “But he was at a position where he wanted to stretch his creative wings and I said to him, ‘Well, if we can’t convince you to come back, we’ll definitely leave the door open for you.'”

Season 4 Teaser

With all the drama from the Teen Wolf season 3 finale still fresh, fans might be surprised by a leaked teaser trailer for season 4, which says that Teen Wolf will be returning on June 23.

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It looks like Teen Wolf fans won’t have to wait long for their next bit of supernatural drama.