James Van Der Beek Puts The Kibosh On A ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion

Dawson’s Creek fans won’t have to sing Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Wanna Wait” to see if their wishes will be answered about a Capeside reunion. According to the show’s lead actor James Van Der Beek, a reunion is definitely not in the works.

Van Der Beek sat down with the Huffington Post to discuss his new CBS sitcom Friends With Better Lives, and of course the Dawson’s Creek reunion was brought up. Over the last two years distinct members of the cast have agreed to take part if a script surfaced, but the odds of it happening are zilch.

Of a possible Dawson’s Creek reunion, James Van Der Beek let the decision weigh on series creator Kevin Williamson, even though he didn’t seem all that enthused about returning as Dawson Leery. During the interview, Van Der Beek said:

“Well [creator] Kevin Williamson said he didn’t want to write it and he didn’t think it would be artistically gratifying for the fans. Which was all the excuse I needed to say. I can’t conceive of a scenario where people would think, ‘That’s so great. I’m glad they did it. That was totally worthwhile and not cheesy.'”

The only cast member who has consistently said “yes” to a Dawson’s Creek reunion is funny enough, Michelle Williams. It should be noted that Michelle’s character Jen Lindley actually died in the series finale from a random rare heart defect that wasn’t completely explained, so even if the Capeside gang were to get together for a reunion, Michelle wouldn’t have a role in it at all. When this was brought up to Van Der Beek, he laughed, and said that his old co-star had a “wicked sense of humor.”

Before James Van Der Beek was signed up for a CBS sitcom, he spent his time playing a wacky self-obsessed version of himself in the critically acclaimed series Don’t Trust The B In Apartment 23.” During the show’s season 2 opener, James Van Der Beek’s character “James” learned that no one from the Dawson’s Creek cast liked him, and despite James coming around to the whole Dawson’s Creek reunion idea, Katie, Josh and Michelle wouldn’t agree to one.

That said, there was still a reunion that happened. In the Dawson’s Creek reunion episode of Don’t Trust The B, cast mate Busy Phillips guest starred as the only one from the cast that could stand Van Der Beek. Fortunately for James it doesn’t look like pseudo-reality art imitates real life.

[Image Credit: Columbia TriStar Television]