March 27, 2014
Flight MH370: Thai Satellite Spots 300 Objects In Search Area, Black Boxes Sought

The search for Flight MH370's black boxes is a desperate one almost three-weeks to the date in which the Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared from radar.

After the grim announcement by the Malaysian PM, who said authorities in his country believe Flight MH370 met its fate in the southern Indian Ocean -- effectively killing everyone on board -- all the search and rescue efforts continue in he inhospitable area off the coast of Perth, Australia.

On Wednesday, news surfaced that 122 objects had been spotted by satellites and shared by France. On Thursday, similar information saying that 300 objects have been detected in the area close to where the search efforts continue for Flight MH370.

Aside from recovering the remains of the 239 souls on board the lost plane, investigators are looking for the black boxes, which are actually orange, and could offer potentially crucial information as to what took place in the cockpit (voice recorder) and the actual data given off by the aircraft before Flight MH370 supposedly crashed.

With no physical evidence recovered thus far, many are still skeptical at the assertion that the Malaysian plane crashed where the PM says it did, after all, since the beginning of the investigation there has been contradictory information released and withheld from the media and families of passengers of Flight MH370.

The latest discovery was made by the Thailand Earth Observation Satellite (Thaichote), the executive director of the Geo Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Gistda), Anond Snidvongs, told NBC News.

"Our satellites have located numerous amounts of floating objects at the area about 1700 miles southwest of Perth and those objects have been identified as real and not just a silhouette or fish or anything else. It's probably man made but we cannot identify or confirm its origin."

"The area is within the general area that we were notified to look in. There are 300 objects or even more. One of the satellites has seen about 175 square miles."

The images -- which were posted in the company's website -- have been shared with Malaysian government officials in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of Flight MH370 and were taken on Monday, the day after the French discovery of possible debris.

The area in which the objects were spotted is located about 125 miles southwest of the place in which Flight MH370 ended, according to Snidvongs.

Malaysian investigators cancelled the daily news briefing on Thursday and have had no further comment on the new objects that could possibly be part of the wreckage of Flight MH370 and guide them towards the much sough black boxes.

[Image via Shahrul Azman /]