March 27, 2014
Illegal Slaughterhouse: Children Forced To Watch While Animals Are Gutted And Boiled Alive

An illegal slaughterhouse in Florida was shut down by the police after it was revealed in a video footage that the slaughterhouse's personnel stabbed, gutted and boiled animals alive.

In an undercover operation by the Animal Recovery Mission and the Miami-Dade police, the illegal slaughterhouse was exposed to have committed one of the most horrible examples of animal cruelty in the United States. In the video footage caught by the ARM operative, pigs were bashed in the head, shot with a rifle or stabbed with hooks. Many of them were boiled alive.


The operators of the slaughterhouse laughed and even drank beer while committing the heinous acts. According to the ARM representatives, children as young as 8 were also forced to watch while the animals suffered brutal treatment from the operators of the slaughterhouse.

The illegal slaughterhouse was ran by 53-year-old Raul Fernandez, a local drug dealer who goes by the street name "Freaky". Authorities announced Wednesday that he was arrested during the raid of the illegal slaughterhouse.

The arrest warrant for "Freaky" Fernandez described further the events that were observed inside the slaughterhouse:

"On video surveillance, pigs can be seen being dragged, hook-mouthed through the jaw, at distances of approximately 150 feet, all while the animals remain alive"
To gain access inside the slaughterhouse, the ARM operative pretended to be a customer interested in purchasing a pig. With him was a hidden camera which took footage of the horrific mistreatment of the personnel towards the animals.

During the time he agreed to buy one, workers at the slaughterhouse shot one of the boars with small-caliber rifle. When the boar did not die, the workers proceeded to violently beat the animal for three minutes.

illegalslaughterhouse (2)


In another scene, a pig was dunked inside a tub of boiling water while still evidently alive and conscious. The slaughterhouse staff used a shovel to hold the pig down while the animal struggled to survive under boiling water.

The footage was taken during Christmas 2013, when demand for roasted pigs was at its peak.

ARM founder Richard Couto told the Miami Herald:

"It's monstrous. These operators are savages with no sense of humanity"
He added that the events in the illegal slaughterhouse were so traumatizing that four of his operatives resigned from their positions.

Miami-Dade State lawyer Katherine Fernandez Rundle said:

"No legitimate slaughterhouse operator or any self-respecting farmer would treat his livestock in such a ghastly manner,"
What can you say about the illegal slaughterhouse? What should be the punishment for Raul "Freaky" Fernandez?

WARNING: Graphic Content

[Images are screenshots of the ARM footage]