Manchester United Mutiny: Sir Alex Ferguson Abused By Supporters, Stewards Told To Protect Moyes Banner, Fan Even Throws 'Punch' At Beleaguered Manager

Have Manchester United fans now seen enough? After their second 3-0 home defeat in succession to one of their closest rivals against Manchester City on Tuesday night, various stories have emerged of supporters showing dissent towards David Moyes and his woeful start as the Red Devils coach.

Of course, it remains open to scrutiny how many of these reports have been exaggerated or just plain made up, but there's no denying the fact that after City's easy victory the mood in Old Trafford was as low as it has been in over 20 years.

Supporters are believed to have been so incensed that they turned on Sir Alex Ferguson. A group of moronic fans targeted the man who in his 27-year tenure at the club brought them unparalleled riches, because he single-handedly picked out Moyes, who appears to have brought the club's period of dominance to a screeching halt.

The Guardian have reported that towards the end of their derby defeat fans turned on Ferguson, who was sat in the stands because of his role as a director at United, and began to shower abuse on him for picking Moyes.

However, a photo from the match has now emerged of another supporter, who was sat in close proximity to Moyes' dugout, launching a vile and harsh tirade towards the beleaguered manager.

Some publications have suggested that he even tried to throw a punch at the former Everton boss. However, unless he has the reach of Stretch Armstrong, there is no way that he would have even considered such an assault. Plus, the fact that a steward can be seen escorting him from the ground suggests that he didn't come anywhere near to his target. The photo also clearly just shows Moyes stoically looking ahead, even though he was well within ear-shot of the abuse.

It's also been alleged that a group of Old Trafford stewards were told to protect the David Moyes "Chosen One" banner, which rests in the infamous Stretford End, after fears grew that supporters were going to try and take it down if United lost.

A photo has since done the rounds on social media websites that shows around 8 stewards stopping access to the banner. You can view it below:


Despite their recent failings in the Premier League all is not lost for Manchester United, because they're still in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

Yes, they have to play the best side in European football at the moment, Bayern Munich, but beat them and it could see an upturn in fortune for Moyes and his squad. Lose it though and the mutiny could become even more barbaric.

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