March 27, 2014
Angry Mom Punches Teenage Daughter In the Face For Having Sex In the House, Shares It On Facebook: Video Goes Viral

One mother definitely felt some kind of way about her daughter's rebellious actions. So, she decided to take actions of her own - and share the footage of it all on Facebook.

On Monday, Mar. 24, a disturbing video uploaded was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, capturing a mother and daughter embroiled in a heated argument. The site reports that the mother was furious because her teen-aged daughter was allegedly having sex in the house.

The 15-second clip captures the mother interrogating her daughter, who insists that she did not have sex with anyone. However, her mother wasn't trying to hear what she had to say. She immediately charged her daughter and sucker punched her in the face, while shouting expletives. Although the punch was quite shocking, it wasn't the only one. In the midst of her rant, she charged her daughter a second time, punching her in the face yet again. Then, the video abruptly ended, but the punishment wasn't over.

**Warning: This video contains graphic nature and obscene language that might be disturbing to some viewers.**

The site also reports that the footage of their altercation was originally uploaded to Facebook. The video quickly gained shares on the social media platform, before surfacing on other sites including YouTube, Twitter and Vine. It currently has more than one million views on World Star Hip Hop, alone. The video, which has gone viral, has even been a debatable topic of discussion on the Huffington Post.

The publication used the video as an example to insist that the parents are "out of control," and should refrain from using public embarrassment as a form of disciplinary action. However, many disagree with that particular notion, given the reasons her mother opted to take such extreme measures in the first place. The report cites that parents view the action as a means of showing the world how wayward teens are handled, but the action also comes across as distasteful.

While it's becoming a trend for parents to discipline their children and share their actions via social media, its also becoming a very debatable topic. The video has also sparked opposition on a number of discussion threads that have surfaced do to the difference in opinions many have where discipline is concerned.

Although the teenage girl is accused of having sex in her mother's home, did her punishment fit the crime? Or did her mother act accordingly?

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