October 17, 2016
Monopoly Rules Will Include 'House Rules' After Results Of Facebook Survey

Do you follow the official Monopoly rules when you play? If you do, then you're in the minority.

In a recent survey carried out on behalf of the game's makers, Hasbro, half the respondents said they make up their own rules - called "House Rules" - and 68 percent admitted that they have never even read the official complete set of rules.

Hasbro is very aware of this phenomenon, and understands that it is an established part of the tradition for those who play Monopoly regularly.

Now, Hasbro is giving Monopoly fans around the world the opportunity to help select the top " House Rules" to be incorporated into future Monopoly games.

From now until April 3, the Monopoly Facebook page be open for the Great Monopoly "House Rules" Debate; the official moderator is none other than Mr Monopoly himself.

Hasbro say that they will identify the top " House Rules" resulting from the debate, and will include them into the Monopoly House Rules Edition game available this Fall.

While the official Monopoly rules will remain unchanged, fans can now have the choice of abiding by them, or using the new "House Rules."

Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of marketing at Hasbro said, "We know Monopoly fans have been using "House Rules" for generations to make the game their own, so we wanted to give them the chance to help us identify the most popular "House Rules'" from around the world to incorporate into the game."

The following are the "House Rules" to be included in the Facebook debate:

Free Parking, Fast Cash: All taxes and fees will be collected in the middle of the game board, if you land on Free Parking, it's your lucky day: collect all the money from the middle of the board.

Dash for the Cash: Landed on Go! Amazing, you get to double your salary – 400M dollars instead of 200M Dollars.

Frozen Assets Rule: When in jail, a player cannot collect any rent money from other players. Sorry about your luck.

Lucky Roller: Did you just Roll Snake Eyes (double one's)… odds are in your favor, collect 500M Dollars.

3's a Crowd: Are there 3 players in a row on 3 unique properties? Well done, each player gets an extra 500M Dollars.

Cash Advance: Don't have enough to buy Boardwalk? With this House Rule, players can make loans between each other to co-own properties. Who collects rent money? That's determined amongst the new property owners!

Break The Bank: At the start of the game, leave half the money in the bank. Then mix up the other half of the money in the center of a board. On the count of 3 every player grabs what they can! Free For All!

Mum's the Word: Mum always gets out of jail free. Always. No questions asked. She's just that special.

See the Sights: Players must travel around the board one complete time before they can begin buying properties. Hurry up and get to GO before everyone else!

Property Boom: Anxious to begin building? We hear you- with this rule, players do not have to own a complete set of properties before they start to build houses.

The Monopoly House Rules edition will be available on store shelves in selected locations this fall. There will be special golden-colored houses and cards that highlight the top "House Rules."

For more information on Monopoly, you can go to www.monopoly.com or Facebook.com/monopoly.

The extraordinary success of this board game in this age of computer games is remarkable. The earliest versions go back to 1902, but the accepted date of the creation of Monopoly as we know it, dates from the 1933 game developed and marketed by Parker Brothers.