Chinese President Goes Online for Chat to Answer Two Questions

With China having the most number of Internet users in the world as his backdrop, Chinese President Hu Jintao went online last Friday for a chat session on the website of the Communist Party at People’s Daily. The entire session lasted for about five minutes with more than 200 questions fielded for the President to answer.

In the end, he was able to answer two questions. Not so exciting questions.

The first one refers to what the President usually do on the Internet, for which he responded: “The first thing is read domestic and foreign news. Second, it’s what interests people on the Internet and I like to see their advice and suggestions on the work of our party and country.”

The second question referred to whether he could see the problems and suggestions raised by people on the Internet.

“We care a lot about internet users’ ideas and advice,” he replied.

It was an obvious safe choice of questions for the President to answer. Or maybe all the 200 questions were that safe.

Anyway, if you are to ask him questions, what would it be?