Channing Tatum: Helps Sick Teenager With A Kiss

Channing Tatum shows how good of a person he is by helping a sick teenager with her bucket list. Alisa Finley is an 18-year old high school student at Colby high School, located in Kansas. Unfortunately Alisa was diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. Alisa being young and ambitious, she decided to create a bucket list of things she wants to do in her lifetime.

Her list contains 48 things to do, and some of the things included is throwing a huge party, holding a baby lion, and traveling to every state. Some of the things Alisa crossed off already is going to Europe, trying every cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, having a pie war, and having a guy sing to her. However, its her No.1 item on the list that is getting everyone’s attention. Alisa’s No.1 item is getting a kiss from Channing Tatum himself.

Alisa’s bucket list was posted online for everyone to see through her Facebook page “Alisa’s Butterflies”,and after people saw her page they started to send donations, and people all over the world even took pictures of famous monuments, while holding signs that say “Thinking of you Alisa”. Kayla Lawson is the admin and co-creator of “Alisa’s butterflies” Facebook page, and in an interview she told Huffington Post,

“I think what made her cause so special is that she never once wanted to give up. She’s showing strength in her darkest time. Alisa is showing not just America but the entire world that you should always chase your dreams no matter the circumstance and that nobody fights alone.”

Though her best gift was receiving video from Channing Tatum himself. Of course Channing does give her a kiss in the video, and even adds a special surprise for Alisa when he show’s her a video of Channing and his wife singing a special version of Pharrell Williams “Happy” for Alisa at the Oscar’s Vanity Fair red carpet party.

Reasons like these is why Channing Tatum is so popular, and why every woman in America loves him. Channing is best known for his great looks, and entertaining movies. Tatum’s most notable movies are Magic Mike, 21 Jump Street, and Step Up, which is where he met his actual wife. Channing Tatum is currently working on the sequel to 21 Jump Street, called