Girl Scout Cookie Record Broken By Oklahoma City ‘Cookie Monster’

Twelve-year-old Girl Scout Katie Francis has officially broken the national Girl Scout cookie sales record by selling a staggering 18,107 boxes in a seven week period. Sales officially began in February and will end this coming Sunday on March 30, 2014. In fact, you’ve probably seen them toting their wares during your weekly grocery shopping trip.

The record, which has stood fast since the 1980s, was previously held by Elizabeth Brinton with 18,000 boxes sold. In an adorable interview, Francis told NewsOK, “There’s three ingredients to selling cookies: There’s lots of time, lots of commitment, and I have to ask everybody that I see.”

Commitment is an understatement when you’re talking about this girl. Katie, who lives in Oklahoma City, puts in a mind-boggling amount of time selling cookies for the Girl Scouts organization, starting from when she gets out of school and going sometimes until 9:30pm. In addition to her weekday cookie sales work, she told USA Today Network that she also spends 12-13 hours selling cookies on the weekend.

Having broken the state cookie sales record for the last two years, Katie looked at the national record as the next logical step in her Girl Scout cookie sales domination. Her mother, DeLee Francis, confirmed that her daughter’s bestselling items are the ever popular Thin Mints with the caramel and coconut Samoas coming in second.

With a week left to go in selling, Francis is sure to widen the margin between her cookie record and Brinton’s previous record by a lot more, especially with the media attention she’s been attracting with such a phenomenal achievement. So far the organization behind the Oklahoman cookie monster has withheld comment, waiting until her final sales numbers come in to make an announcement.

Girl Scout cookies have been in the news for other reasons lately. Just last month, Girl Scout Danielle Lei made headlines when she set up her cookie booth outside of a California marijuana dispensary and sold out of her entire stock of cookies in just under two hours. Some called her “one smart cookie,” while others balked at her sales methods.

Francis has set a goal to sell 20,000 boxes of cookies by the end of the month. One would expect that selling 1,900 boxes of Girl Scout cookies in one week is a near impossible task, but with Katie’s diehard dedication, anything sounds possible.

That’s a whole lot of “dough” coming in for her troop, for sure.

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