Landslide: 108 People reported Missing In Snohomish County

The landslide in Snohomish County that happened on Saturday,continues to make headlines today, because it was confirmed today that 108 people have been reported missing after the landslide. Most of the missing people are construction workers, or just normal people driving by. Unfortunately searchers don’t expect to find any more survivors, because the landslide contains 15 million cubic yards of debris. Chief Travis Hots of Snohomish County Fire District 21 stated, “We’re still in rescue mode at this time, but the situation is very grimm.” He continues to say, “We have not found anybody still alive on this pile since Saturday.” Chief Hots said today. Searchers have only found 8 bodies since Saturday.

Fortunately additional resources and aide are coming in to help with the search and rescue effort that already has 100 people, some of the additional aide is search dogs and technical rescue experts. The Washington State Department of Transportation is bringing in heavy equipment to clear some of the landslide.

Fortunately rescue teams were able to search the grounds thoroughly on Sunday after searching for survivors by helicopter on Saturday. Chief Hots said on Sunday,

“We didn’t see or hear any signs of life out there today,It’s very disappointing to all emergency responders on the scene.”

Monday Authorities have confirmed a list of 108 people reported missing that could be trapped in the landslide during the past two days. However, searchers want to be clear that it doesn’t mean they are necessarily dead, but just missing. Authorities say some reports have lots of useful information, and others have vague information about who is missing. John Pennington is the Emergency Management director of Snohomish County, and he says,

“In some cases, that list is very detailed. Its John, who has brown hair, blue eyes and lived in this particular neighborhood.” Pennington said. “In a lot of cases, It’s a name like Frank, ‘I met him once. I think he lived over there.’ “

More people are being encouraged by county officials to call Snohomish County hotline,so they can help update their databases on missing people.

Monday Morning searchers were pulled away from the west side of the slide due to concerns about the hillside moving at the 600-foot level.

The 1-square foot mile landslide destroyed about 30 homes. Authorities also believe that the landslide was also caused by the ground being made unstable by recent heavy rainfall. Hopefully this Landslide didn’t claim too many lives.

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