Google Now: Finally on Google Chrome

Google Now, a venture by Google which started on Android devices and moved to iOS is now available on Google Chrome on laptop or desktops. This years long odyssey has been a painstakingly slow process as Google methodically perfected this feature. The feature showed for the first time with support on Google Chrome updates last month.

Google Now is a feature which shows “cards” with snippets of information based on your recent search history. Items like sports scores, local events, directions, and weather. These cards will show in the notification center on Chrome. The launch starts today and will be fully implemented over the next couple of weeks. Those who want the feature now can visit and download the new feature immediately.

Android smartphone users have had the luxury of being able to use Google Now through their devices for almost a year. The slow transition to home computers has been a popular discussion for tech professionals for roughly the last six months, with many of them perplexed as to why it took so long. Google has been tight lipped about the slow transition, but now that Google Now is here, professional and novice web browsers are all excited to finally have the popular Android feature.

Twitter and Facebook are both buzzing about the new feature coming to Google Chrome.

Users in the tech industry and other related industries are very excited about this release, sharing news stories across Twitter, soon we should see casual users rave about this new release. However, professionals say to expect a learning curve as the release hits novice users.

Google Now has been the subject of some controversy on the smartphone platform, all accusations dispelled by Google. Actually, Google Now has been notoriously stable on the Android platform, with little to no affect to battery performance or processing speed. The next update to Chrome will be slowly implemented across all users to carefully ensure a smooth transition and in just a matter of days, all computers running Chrome will have access to the innovative, ground breaking service of Google Now.