How Would A Dog React To A Magic Trick? New Viral Video Has The Answer!

Magic tricks are fun and interesting acts to watch for us humans. But what about dogs? How will our best friends from the animal kingdom react to an intriguing magic trick? Magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen from Finland decided to find out. He has posted a hilarious video on YouTube that shows what your dog might do if you make its treat disappear.

In the video, Jose is seen approaching a dog, one at a time and showing them the treat that awaits them. The cookie, clearly seen in his hands is also seen by the dog. All of a sudden, his magic makes the cookie disappear to which the dogs react in amazement – just like a human would do.

The best reaction was possible from the last dog Torsti, who couldn’t take the magic at all, got terrified and ran away. And then there is Salli who is not only impressed at what she saw, but is also annoyed at the apparent loss of her treat and uses her bark to let everyone know about her annoyance. Like these two, all the other dogs in the video showcased similar behavior and started sniffing around feverishly in a move to comprehend what just happened.

For people who are worried about the “traumatic” experience the dogs might have gone through following the loss of a cookie, let us inform you that all of them were given ample goodies to eat before and after the test. What intrigued me however was the fact that none of the dogs showed were shown to be using their powerful sense of smell to dig out the cookie which was actually hidden under the magician’s sleeves.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on March 19, 2014 and has since then managed to notch up more than 4.6 million views. On his Facebook page, Jose has said that this is just part one of his dog magic video. There would be parts 2 and 3 of the same uploaded soon. I am also getting ready for a barrage of similar videos by other dog lovers!

[Image Via YouTube]