Magician Creates Bubble Wrap Bicycle [Video]

A magician has created a bubble wrap bicycle, which has a roll of bubble wrap attached to its front that is instantly popped when the wheels move over it.

Eric Buss, who is a Southern California based magician, created the eccentric bike, which allows him to pop hundreds of the bubbles in one motion.

Buss’s bike has gone on to become a huge internet sensation, and viewers have clearly become enamoured with his contraption. Buss even gloats about his bike, looking directly at the camera and asking viewers, “Jealous, much?,” right after he’s driven over the bubble wrap.

Buss is a bubble wrap bicycle expert, as this is the second incarnation of the cathartic behemoth to have been constructed with his hands. Previously, Buss had built the first bike after his son was born.

The ingenious inventor told NBC Los Angeles that he originally devised the bike just to get out of the house, and into his garage where he could be both silly and fun. Plus he was also encouraged by the fact that he was struggling with insomnia at the time.

Buss admits that his first bicycle was pretty poor, as it could only go in a straight line. However, he has since learned from his earlier errors and now his second bicycle, thanks to a few tweaks, is able to move in several directions.

Buss decided to show off his creation to the world by creating and then uploading a video of him on the bike to YouTube, which he recorded outside of his home in Burbank, California.

After it was originally uploaded it had received 25,000 views in 24 hours, and after just seven days it has since been watched a further 1.1million times. Buss has admitted that he has several other peculiar gadgets in his garage that he is now tempted to bring out of hiding.

Would you like to ride the bubble wrap bicycle?

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