GoPro Cameras: Grizzly Bear Eats HD HERO2, Camera Still Survives [Video]

The GoPro grizzly bear video has been making waves on the internet lately, showing just how durable GoPro cameras can be in the worst of circumstances.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, GoPro cameras have been shown in videos for snowboarding, scuba diving, and all sorts of Point Of View (POV) activities. So let’s see what happens when a bear sinks its teeth into the feisty little camera.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the video other than the fact that GoPro is apparently endorsing it. The description is pretty vague but it seems like somone named Brad Josephs purposefully left the camera out near grizzly bears just so he could get some good action shots:

“A family enjoying a day frolicking on the river, just like any normal family would. Oh yeah, but they’re Alaskan Grizzlies, and the picnic is not what you’d expect.”

If you hop onto Brad’s website then you can see why he wanted to shoot this GoPro video:

“I have been enchanted by the grizzly bear since I was a child. I will never forget my first serious encounter with a grizzly while living in Haines during my first summer in Alaska twenty years ago. I was fishing for salmon alone along the banks of the Chilkoot River around dusk. Having had a funny feeling that I was no longer alone, I turned around and stared right into the eyes of a giant female grizzly and her two cubs. As my stomach tightened into a knot, and adrenaline blasted through my veins, I wondered what I was supposed to do. Should I shout at her, play dead, jump into the river? I knelt down in submission and froze. The mother bear slowly put her head down and started grazing on sedges gradually closing the distance, with their heads to the ground, to around 25 feet. My fear subsided, and I savored this strange sensation of being at the mercy of both the scariest and the most beautiful creature I had ever dreamed of. She made eye contact with me again, studied me, and carried on upstream with her cubs. She trusted me and let me go. I was hopelessly hooked, and thankfully, this was only the beginning.”

Obviously, using GoPro cameras to get eye-to-eye (or mouth to lens as the case may be) with a grizzly bear is a lot safer option.