GoPro Cameras Make EVERYTHING A Spectator Sport: Watch 10 Amazing POV Videos

GoPro cameras have revolutionized the way we memorialize and re-experience life.

GoPro are the cameras you wear or mount pretty much anywhere, offering users the chance to see things over again, shot-for-shot, in all of life’s shaky glory.

Gone are the days of uncles getting passed video cameras at every child’s birthday party; GoPro cameras let the birthday boy or girl take the reins as the videographer.

Parents: missing Junior’s soccer game because you’re too busy fussing with those over-the-shoulder/over-the-hill cameras? Slap a GoPro on the kid and watch the game in peace; re-watch it with pride and see the game from your child’s point of view.

The creative possibilities are endless with GoPro Cameras. Although they’re often used for recreational purposes, the very nature of the lightweight, mountable/wearable design lets GoPro cameras do pretty much anything. Need it to be submersible? They have GoPro cameras for that. Need something rough and tumble and impervious to mud? They have GoPro cameras for that too.

But GoPro cameras aren’t just for fun and games. They have countless practical uses as well. Take first responders and emergency service providers for example. The addition of GoPro cameras to their gear allows for better training and better understanding and analysis of situations as they unfolded.

And, sometimes, they capture the amazing sight of an unconscious kitten being revived by a firefighter, like Lucky, rescued here by Firefighter Kalanick.

GoPro user Andrew Binnie showed the capabilities of these cameras when snorkeling and scuba diving with manta rays, turtles, eels and sharks in Borneo and the Philippines.

You can always hit the slopes with world champion snowboarder and GoPro spokesman Shaun White.

GoPro cameras can also make a pretty awesome movie fight scene.

How about tagging along on someone’s Hawaiian vacation?

Or hitching an angry ram with his own GoPro rig so the world can see how much he hates you and your dirt bike.

How about using GoPro cameras to capture the amazing free fall of skydiving, minus the skydiver? See what happens when you bump your head and loosen the mount. By the way, the camera is reportedly fine after landing from 12,500 feet.

Experience the real excitement of fake combat when you take a GoPro to paintball.

Take a trip to 80,000 feet with two GoPro cameras and a balloon.

Filmmaker Brandon Hyde of RisingSKY Productions used his GoPro to record all the filthy action when he tackled Tough Mudder.

Tough Mudder Tampa Abridged (GoPro HD) from RisingSKY Productions on Vimeo.

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