Jeff Bauman: Boston Marathon Bombing Victim Now Engaged, Expecting A Child

Jeff Bauman was the face of the Boston Marathon bombing last year, with an iconic image of him being whisked away in a wheelchair with his leg blown off splashed across television and newspapers.

On that fateful day in April, Bauman was waiting for girlfriend Erin Hurley to cross the finish line when the two bombs went off. He lost his lower leg in the initial blast, and doctors amputated the other.

Now, nearly one year later the 28-year-old has recovered, learned to walk on prosthetic legs,i and this week announced that he is engaged to Hurley and expecting a baby.

jeff bauman on the road to recovery

Jeff Bauman made the announcement this week on his foundation's Facebook page:

"We are so happy to share with you exciting news that has happened over the last few months...Jeff and Erin became engaged and are expecting their first child in the summer!!! Congratulations Jeff and Erin!!"

Many news outlets followed Jeff Bauman last year in his recovery and the unlikely hero who came to his aid. A man in a cowboy hat, later identified as Carlos Arrendondo, rushed in to help victims after the blast and held onto a tourniquet tied around Bauman's leg as emergency crews took him away from the scene.

The two later met as Bauman was recovering.

jeff bauman and his bride to be

Shortly after receiving live-saving surgery and having what remained of his lower legs amputated, a still-recovering Bauman told his brother that he could help identify the suspect.

"He woke up under so much drugs, asked for a paper and pen and wrote, 'bag, saw the guy, looked right at me,' " Chris Bauman said shortly after the bombing.

Bauman met with FBI agents to recount what he had seen, information that helped to identify bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

angels in the outfield

Jeff Bauman now plans to tell his story in a memoir titled Stronger.

"The past months have often been difficult, but the support I've received from around the world, and especially from the people of Boston, has inspired me to set and achieve high goals," he said in a statement when announcing the memoir.

The book will be released in April, coinciding with the anniversary of the bombing. Jeff Bauman hasn't announced a date for his wedding.

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