WWE News: Triple H Offended That CM Punk Refused To Work With Him

CM Punk walked out of the WWE back in January of this year and many wondered why. The original rumor is that he did not like the way things were going creatively. It seemed understandable as WWE was leading to no push for Daniel Bryan, a horrible match idea for him, and a Shield split before they even wrestled the Wyatt Family.

Of course later on things changed, and it could have been Punk influenced. Triple H was supposed to wrestle CM Punk at Wrestlemania 30, which upset Punk as he did not want to have a program with Triple H.

Triple H, while he will not say it out loud, was clearly offended when Punk refused to work with him. Triple H feels it’s a big deal to work with him on such a big stage. Of course, Punk rolled his eyes at this thought and clearly expressed an issue with it. It might be a big deal for younger talent, but for Punk? Not so much.

So literally, The Game was upset that one of the biggest stars in the company felt insulted that he had to work with him. Keep in mind, most WWE fans were not happy with the idea of another Triple H and CM Punk match. WWE Summerslam a while back saw the two in a program and the story as well as the match was off base.

It was one of those situations as a WWE fan when you hoped you would not see yet another match with the two, much less at Wrestlemania when Punk could be in a better program. WWE fans hoped that he would get into a match with Daniel Bryan if Bryan remained un-pushed. Fans also speculated that Punk would join The Shield or even get involved in the WWE World Heavyweight Title match.

Several people agreed with Punk on this, which was obviously an ego blow to the WWE executive. Triple H wants to be involved in every Wrestlemania, and he wants to work with legit stars each year. Punk is one of the biggest stars in the company so naturally Triple H wanted to have a match with him.

The issue is that this could be management messing up the company in that Punk could be far more utilized in a higher role which he believes he deserves. Rather than do that, Triple H wanted to put Punk in a match with him at the event. Now Daniel Bryan has potentially two matches at Wrestlemania, one or both being very predictable.

WWE has lost a lot of big stars, some have walked out angry and others have just left. Many ended up in rival organizations, especially those fired. Yet Punk does not seem like the type of guy to care if he’s gone or not and could stay out of a WWE ring for life. He has already told people that he is set for life money wise, and this was years ago. Now that he was making more and more money, the man clearly does not need WWE and it needed him more than he needed it. Triple H can be offended all day long, but it doesn’t change facts.

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