California Teen Struck By Train Listed In Critical Condition, Another Dead

A California teenage girl was struck by a train Friday evening while on her way to a school dance with her boyfriend. According to ABC News, the girl, now being identified as 16-year-old Mickayla Friend, is still in critical condition as of Sunday.

CBS San Fransisco continued on to report that the teenage girl’s boyfriend was killed in the incident. According to the report, the accident on Friday evening occurred near Marysville’s only high school and little league park.

The two California teens had reportedly been on their way to a Sadie Hawkins Day dance and had been walking southbound on the tracks going the same direction as the Union Pacific train. According to Mirror, the 16-year-old boy, now being identified as Mateus Moore, pushed Mickayla out of the way after the train began blowing its horn. Eric Stark, 11, told reporters the following:

“I heard the train it was honking a lot. Right when they turned around it was too late. The guy pushed the girl out the way but she still got hit by the train and it sucked him in and run him over.”

According to Mirror, the boy’s father, Shawn, added “If he hadn’t have pushed her, most definitely she would have been under the train.”

Marysville police Chief David Baker has stated that the investigation into the incident is ongoing at this time. Some things that investigators are looking into are whether or not the two teens were struck by the train as a result of distractions such as wearing headphones.

Aaron Hunt, a spokesman for Union Pacific, has expressed his sorrow for the death of Moore and the seriousness of Mickayla’s injuries.

“Our hearts go out to the friends and family of the two individuals involved in the accident,” Hunt told reporters according to ABC News. “It is a stark reminder that railroad tracks are never a safe place to be.”

Reports state that if it wasn’t for Moore, Mickayla would have lost her life, and that it was the teens love for the girl that saved her. Sandy Friend, Mickayla’s mother, stated that she believes Moore saved his daughter’s life. “She had the love of a young man. He just sacrificed himself to save my daughter,” she said.

Many have taken to social media to express their sorrows for the California teens who were struck by the train.

[Image via Shutterstock/Kichigin]