Woman On Life Support After Wisdom Teeth Pulled

Robert Jonathan

A mother of two is in a coma after a wisdom teeth extraction apparently gone wrong.

The young mother went to the dentist on Monday in Hilo, Hawaii, for dental surgery to remove all four of her wisdom teeth and tragically suffered a heart attack during the procedure.

According to the woman's boyfriend, "She went into cardiac arrest and they had to use a defibrillator and shocked her, stunned her heart."

The woman, identified in multiple media accounts as Kristen Tavares, 23, was later flown to Maui Medical Center where she was put on a breathing machine and is reportedly unresponsive. A CT scan indicated that there is some brain swelling and "Her heart is too weak to do any additional medical procedures." What brought on the cardiac arrest has yet to be determined.

The dentist who performed the procedure -- who is also a medical doctor -- is licensed to use full anesthesia on patients.

Doctors have not provided the family with any time line for recovery but further testing is planned. "Right now all we are doing is praying and hoping for the best," her dad said. He added that Kristen was healthy, in great shape, and had no medical conditions or allergies.

Elsewhere in Hawaii, as The Inquisitr previously reported, a three-year-old likely died as a result of the drugs administered to her when she was in the dentist chair to get cavities filled or for root canal procedures. The girl tragically suffered a heart attack during the procedure and then lapsed into a coma and was subsequently declared brain dead. She passed away one month after the visit to the dentist's office.

Self-named "Health Ranger" Mike Adams offered this controversial opinion on the Kristen Tavares incident: "... The real tragedy in this is that Kristen Tavares is a victim of a revenue-generating dental procedure that is often little more than a moneymaking scam. With few exceptions, nearly all the wisdom teeth extraction conducted across the dental industry is medically unnecessary and ethically compromised. Dentists are taught that wisdom teeth 'must be extracted because they are there' -- a highly irrational, illogical stance that puts patients' lives at risk for no good reason..."

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